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Overactive Bladder- Causes,Diagnosis and Treatment Overactive bladder refers to a set of symptoms which include urgency, frequency, and the feeling of incomplete voiding. Incontinence can occur in the form of urge incontinence. Patients with urge incontinence have a severe sensation to void and usually are

bacterial bladder infection

Bladder Infections

Are Bladder Infections Contagious? Not in the classical sense of contagion, but it is slightly more complicated than that. Although bladder infections themselves are not contagious, it is possible to pass the E.coli back and forth between partners, thus triggering a bladder infection. For example,

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10 Effective Ways to Cure Gallstone Naturally

10 Effective Ways to Cure Gallstone Naturally Gallstones are crystalline pebbles formed in the gallbladder, a pear shaped in size situated below the liver. Our liver secretes bile juice which aids in digestion process. Gallstones are crystalline pebbles formed in the gallbladder, a pear shaped

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Gallbladder Pain Relief

There are many different ways that you can go about relieving the gallbladder pain that you are experiencing. One of the most common methods of gallbladder pain relief is the use of pain medication. You can find pain relief medication that is sold over the

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How to Treat Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms

If you are experiencing the symptoms of gallbladder cancer then you will want to get the problem diagnosed right away. Once you have determined what the actual cause of these symptoms are you can begintreatingit accordingly. If you have caught the cancer early enough then

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Gallbladder pain

Gallbladder pain consists of any pain to the gallbladder. There are many possible causes for this particular type of pain. Any type of gallbladder disease, gallstones, and similar relevant medical problemswiththe gallbladder can cause gallbladder pain to occur. Gallbladder surgery can also lead to further